Kincumber Dentures

Central Coast Denture Clinic

Kincumber Dentures is a premium Central Coast denture clinic. We understand that your smile, plus the ability to eat anything you like, is incredibly important and we take our role very seriously.

Geoffrey Dominguez started the clinic in 2003 and he personally oversees that each set of dentures we make are handcrafted to match your face shape, any existing teeth you may have and how you would like your smile to look. Using only the best products and techniques, we guarantee you will be happy with your new dentures. If you feel self-conscious about your smile or are having difficulty chewing, we are committed to helping you.

Alex Geleris has over 25 years’ experience as a qualified Dental Technician. In that time, he has made over 6000 dentures for patients of the Central Coast. With that experience, Alex is skilled at making dentures that are comfortable, stable and aesthetically pleasing. Alex is also qualified and registered Dental Prosthetist, he brings that experience and proficiency into the clinic.

Geoffrey Dominguez - Dental Dental Prosthetist

Geoffrey Dominguez

Dental Prosthetist

Alex Geleris - Dental Technician

Alex Geleris

Dental Prosthetist







Latest Technologies

State of the art dentures must be able to restore natural jaw movements and phonetics. It is critical they are compatible with the sensitive tissues of the mouth. Dentures should be comfortable to wear and comfortable during eating and speaking and give you back your carefree smile.

We use the “Biofunctional Prosthetic System”, which was developed by Ivoclar Vivodent in Schann Lichtenstein. This system uses all the products required to fabricate high-quality dentures. Including Ivocap injection moulding in our latest Ivobase machines.

Your denture will be made especially for you, the natural colour, phonetics and characteristics will be analyzed and taken into consideration then manufactured right here on our premises.

Full or Partial Dentures?

Dentures are an affordable, removable way to replace any number of missing teeth in your mouth.

Full dentures are used when a person is missing all their natural teeth, while partial dentures replace only a few missing teeth here or there to eliminate gaps and improve chewing. Denture treatment is customized specifically to each patient, and our experts at Kincumber Dentures can help you decide which option works best for you.

  • All denture fittings are pain free

  • Dentures made in-house

  • Cosmetic grade denture styling is standard

  • We care about your smile

  • Injection moulded base

Carefree Smile

No two dentures are the same, nor are they made the same. There is a wide variety of materials and techniques available in the making of dentures. Therefore it is crucial you seek professional advice to guide you in the materials used and the design of your dentures to suit you and your lifestyle.

A denture of poor fit or appearance can be of great detriment to your health, lifestyle and overall sense of wellbeing.

That’s why the materials and teeth we use to create your dentures at Kincumber Dentures are of the highest quality and standard, ensuring we fulfill a wide range of our patients needs.

Dedicated Team

Geoff Dominguez and his team at Kincumber Dentures care about you and your smile. We understand your mouth and your needs are unique, we work with you to create a solution that is functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Dentures inherently bring some challenges, especially to new wearers. Our goal is to minimize the everyday frustrations and keep you as comfortable as possible.

We look forward to discussing your options to make your mouth full again and to give you back a confident, glowing smile!

Geoffrey Dominguez - Dental Dental Prosthetist
Alex Geleris - Dental Technician
Julie Dominguez - Administration
Central Coast denture clinic - stairlift

New Stair lift!

For the convenience of people who trouble with stairs, we have installed a stairlift.

With a 140kg capacity, getting in to see our Denture Professionals is as easy as pushing the button.

Please ask our staff to assit you before using the lift.