Emergency Denture Repairs

Repairs Done Fast

People have accidents and dentures break, it is an emergency! Kincumber Dentures will go out of our way to quickly, usually same day, get you back to smiling and eating as you were. We have priority bookings for patients who have either broken their dentures, lost a denture tooth or need a new tooth added to the denture after they have had one of their natural teeth extracted.

Call our clinic so we can get you in to have your denture repaired fast.

Common emergency denture repairs we give priority to:

  • Broken tooth from denture
  • Broken denture base
  • Broken denture retainer or clasp
  • A new denture tooth and clasp to be added after a natural tooth is extracted
  • Chipped denture tooth
  • Lost or misplaced denture
Denture repairs